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Quick Sort In C Language Quick Sort Algorithm

Quick Sort In C: Quick Sort is one of the fastest internal sorting algorithms.

It is based on the following three main strategies:

  1. Split or Partition: Select a random element called pivot from the sequence of elements to be sorted. Suppose the selected element is X, where X is any number. Now split (divide) the list into the two small lists, viz. Y and Z such that:
    • All the elements of the first part Y are less then the selected element pivot.
    • All the elements of the second part Z are greater then the selected element pivot.
  2. Sort the sub-arrays.
  3. Merge (join/concatenate) the sorted sub-array.

Quick Sort In C

if p < r
then: q = PARTITION ( A, p, r)
          QUICK_SORT (A, p, q-1)  
          QUICK_SORT (A, q+1, r)
Set x = A[r].
Set i = p-1.
Repeat Step 4 to 6 for j = p to r-1
      do if A[j] <= x.
           then Set i = i+1.
                   Exchange A[i] <=>A[j]
[End of Loop]
Exchange A[i+1] <=> A[r]     
return i+1

void quicksort (int a[], int start, int end)
  if (start < end)
      int q = partition (a, start, end);
      quicksort (a, start, q - 1);
      quicksort (a, q + 1, end);

int partition (int a[], int start, int end)
  int pivot = a[end];
  int pindex = start;
  int i;
  for (i = start; i < end; i++)
      if (a[i] <= pivot)
	  swap (&a[i], &a[pindex]);

  swap (&a[pindex], &a[end]);
  return pindex;


void swap (int *a, int *b)
  int temp = *a;
  *a = *b;
  *b = temp;

main ()
  int arr[10];
  int i;
  printf ("Enter 10 elements ");
  for (i = 0; i < 10; i++)
      scanf ("%d", &arr[i]);
  int n = 10;
  quicksort (arr, 0, n - 1);
  printf ("Sorted 10 elements ");
  for (i = 0; i < 10; i++)
      printf ("%d ", arr[i]);

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