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LPU Evaluation Components, Grades, Weightage 2022

Components of Evaluation and Weightage: The students shall be evaluated on the basis of their performance in the following four components for each course.

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LPU Evaluation Components, Grades, Weightage 2022

AttendanceAttendance of classes will be counted on the basis of presence of the students in the scheduled classes as well as their participation in the Polling based questions asked in the class.
Continuous Assessment(CA)Academic Tasks in the form of Assignments /Tests shall be allocated and evaluated in the due course of the Term and shall become an integral part of overall evaluation of the course.
Mid-Term Test (MTT)It is the examination held in the middle of the term.
End-Term Examination(ETE) It is the Examination held at the end of each term.

Each of these components shall have a weightage associated. Weightage basically measures the level of importance of each component. For example, for most of the theory courses the weightage associated with each component shall be:-





However, the weightage associated with courses might vary and can be referred to from the Instruction Plan (IP) of the course.

The University follows a blended grading system. On the basis of student’s performance across all components of evaluation of a course students are awarded broad band letter grades.

The grades awarded are described as below.

 Letter Grade  Grade Performance  Grade Points
 O  Outstanding 10
  A+  Very Good 9
 A  Good 8
  B+  Above Average 7
  B  Average 6
  C  Below Average  5
  D  Marginal  4
  E  Reappear 0
  F  Fail 0
  I  Incomplete —
  S  Satisfactory (For zero credit courses) —
 U  Unsatisfactory (For zero credit courses) —

From the above-mentioned grades, the grades O, A+, A, B+, B, C, and D are Pass Grades

To obtain a Pass Grade (O, A+, A, B+, B, C, and D) in a course. Student should satisfy the below given two conditions:-

  1. Condition: A minimum of 40% marks in the course as a whole. (i.e. Attendance+CA+MTT+ETE)
  2. Condition: 
    1. Scoring minimum 30% marks in ETE, OR
    2. Scoring minimum 30% in MTT and ETE taken together.

Important: In case any regulatory body imposes any stricter norms than those stricter norms shall over-rule the University conditions. 

Description of Remaining Grades

 Grade  Description
  E (Reappear)– E grade is awarded to students when a student is not able to satisfy one out of the two passing conditions or both the passing conditions.
– To convert E grade to pass grade the student shall get 5 chances in the form of Re-appear examination.
– When student appears in Re-appear examination, then CA+ Attendance marks of the course shall be taken from the regular term and weightage of Re-appear examination shall be equal to the weightage of MTT +ETE. i.e a student cannot improve CA and attendance component marks via re-appear examination.
– A chance extended to student (out of the 5 available chances) but not availed by him her shall be counted towards total number of chances extended.
  G– “E” grade gets converted into “G” Grade, after all the 5 chances of reappear extended to student get exhausted and the student still fails to meet the passing criteria. Student can register for G grade courses in upcoming terms.
– When a student registers for a G grade course then attendance in G grade course will neither be counted for calculating aggregate attendance nor will it be counted for calculating detention i.e attendance is not compulsory. However students are advised to attend classes to clear their concepts and doubts.·         The weightage of ETE in case of G grade will be 100% and there will be no requirement of CA and MTT.
– Maximum grade that student can get in G grade is “A”.
– Fee for registering G grade courses is 1/10th of the semester fee.
  F– ‘F’ grade will be awarded only  in two particular cases:
Case I: Student does not satisfy the attendance requirements required for being eligible to appear in the End Term examination.
Case II: ‘F’ grade is awarded by the Unfair Means Case (UMC) Board.
– In case a student with E grade does not have a good attendance and/or CA marks, he/she can voluntarily get their E grade converted to F grade to improve performance in CA and Attendance component.
– To clear ‘F’ grade student will have to re-register the course as a backlog course and mandatorily attend classes and appear for all components of evaluation (Attendance, CA, MTT and ETE). 
F grade can never be converted to E or G.
– Fee for registering G grade is 1/10 of semester fee.
  I– I represents that the result of that course code is pending.
– I is a temporary grade awarded when result for that course could not be declared because of certain pendency. It is replaced with the actual grade that a student obtains after all the prescribed requirements for clearing a course are completed.
 R– R represents resubmission in case of projects/dissertations or other similar courses.
  S and U– S and U grades are awarded only in case of courses with zero credit: S for satisfactory performance and U for unsatisfactory performance in a course.

Some Important Terms

Backlog:  Backlog means the pending course in which a student has either F grade or G grade

  • To clear backlog courses the student can re-register these courses in the upcoming terms or in Summer Term. The distinction between ‘F’ and ‘G’ grades has been specified in the table above.

Summer Term: It is a special provision provided to those students who are not able to complete their courses during the regular terms. The provision has been basically provided to extend an option to the student to clear their backlog courses before the start of the next term.

  • 2 months of active classroom teaching is offered for student.
  • Generally offered in the month of June-July (in between the two terms) i.e  Autumn Term and Spring Term.

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LPU Passing Criteria?

  • Condition: A minimum of 40% marks in the course as a whole. (i.e. Attendance+CA+MTT+ETE)
  • Condition:  Scoring minimum 30% marks in ETE, ORScoring minimum 30% in MTT and ETE taken together.
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