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Find Output – I Suppose that you have the following code written inside your app.js file

Find Output – I

let obj1 = {
 x: 10,
 y: 20
let obj2 = obj1;
obj1.x = 30; // manipulating the key of obj1
console.log(obj1.x, obj2.x);
node app 
  1. 30 10
  2. 10 10
  3. 30 30 Correct
  4. 30 undefined

Feedback: This option is the correct choice. The key named x is initially assigned the value 10. Then, you pass by reference the key-value pairs stored in obj1 to obj2.

obj1.x = 30;

you change the value of key named x to 30 inside obj1. Since obj2 refers to obj1, this change gets reflected in obj2 too. Hence, the value that will be associated with the key named x in obj2 will be changed to 30. Hence, the output 30 30 will be logged on to the console.

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